Most secure and private messenger: Threema

Most secure and private messenger: Threema

Threema  provides maximum security and comprehensive privacy protection

No other chat service offers a similar level of security, metadata restraint, and confidentiality.

Security and Privacy by Design

Threema was designed from the ground up with security and privacy in mind. Since day one, the restraint on metadata has been our guiding principle. For where there is no data, no data can be misused. Threema’s servers only assume the role of a switch: After a message has been delivered to its recipient, it will be permanently deleted at once.

The focus on security and privacy protection is also reflected in the implementation of numerous particular features, such as profile pictures, Threema calls, and the web client.

Threema is committed to full transparency, and for this reason, the apps are open source. On top of that, renowned experts are regularly commissioned to conduct comprehensive security audits.

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